Heard about us right?

REHOBOTH TRAVEL is a full service travel company in Ghana that was born out of a passion for travel. We are here to offer boutique creative travel services. We provide personalized and superior travel management services by redefining the travel processes. We understand the importance of making the best out of a travel trip, so we provide concise services just for you.
Currently, Rehoboth Travel Group consists of Rehoboth Travel, The Rehoboth Xperience and Rehoboth Executive. We are here to offer bespoke travel services.

• Leadership
• Excellence
• Diligence
• Hard work


Kwame Darkwa
Chief Executive Officer

Kwame Darkwa has a rich experience in the travel industry. He is a trained Project Manager by profession. He is passionate about travel and this made him become a travel consultant on part time basis. Owing to this, after his College education in South Africa he started Rehoboth Travel full time when he returned to Ghana.

Nanabanyin Amissah
Executive Director, Operations

Nanabanyin Amissah loves to travel, and believes it is an opportunity to learn something new as well as broaden your way of thinking. He places emphasis on excellence in all activities and is a leader by nature, never resting till the job is done. He values results over activity. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Management and Administration at the University of Ghana Business School.

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